Found out there’s a hidden Wal-Mart really close to me and has this large cache of Monster High stuff, found this Operetta hiding in the back of the shelves.

She’s awesome, probably my favorite Operetta so far.

I heard that Season 2 of Angelo Rules is going to be aired on Cartoon Network’s “Always On” programming thing, whatever that is. If it means I have some way to watch the rest of the series in English, then I’m just fine with that.

To sort of celebrate, here’s a bunch of pictures of my favorite character from the show.

perrshp asked: Hello, Let me ask you something. I want to know what is name or number of episode that you wrote post recently. I mean the tag "httyd, riders of berk, astrid hofferson". I can't remember that scene. Smiles Astrid.

Those tags are on pretty much every HTTYD gif I’ve posted, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about.

I guess you mean the three gif one with Astrid? That one is from Book of Dragons. It’s not an actual episode from the show, it’s a straight-to-DVD special like Legend of the Boneknapper or Gift of the Night Fury.

That Wal-Mart exclusive LPS DVD finally came in today. “Came in” because I had to buy it online as none of the Wal-Marts around me had it.